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County Water Requirements and Information
Due to the water shortages and restrictions in the area, it is extremely important to have a sprinkler system working properly and efficiently. Not only will this save water and money; but it will also maximize the amount of water your lawn gets during designated watering times ( which have been significantly reduced in the recent months). If a sprinkler system has broken and/or leaky heads and pipe breaks, it will reduce the amount of water that is actually reaching areas it should be.

Recently a law was passed which requires all sprinkler systems to have a functioning rain shut off device installed. This small device keeps the sprinkler system from running during or after a recent rain and can once again conserve a lot of water and save money. Hostetler Irrigation can install a rain sensor to fit your needs with options that range from a sensor wired into your controller, a wireless device or a multi-unit device which is perfect for commercial properties.

In plant bed areas and where appropriate, we recommend having micro-irrigation. This is a system that works off of poly-tubing laid among the plants and covered by mulch. Into this tubing, we tap small stakes wherever desired and a nozzle is installed on top of the stake, distributing water to the nearby plants. This is considered low-volume irrigation and a great form of water conservation.